Match Report
Radley College 4th XI vs  Eton College
On: Saturday, 29 Feb 2020
Venue: Away

This was a hard-fought game despite the scoreline, with Radley flagging a little towards the end, as they had no subs and had played a tough game on Thursday. The cold wind and hail made it tricky for both teams, as the players struggled to stop the ball softly, so it changed sides frequently. Eton scored first to lead at half-time but Radley equalized early in the second half after following up on a short corner with some effective poaching by MotM McGee. The second and third Eton goals came due to defensive confusion, the first of which saw one of our defenders kicked almost out of the D by the keeper, who went hard at the ball but missed. This was a worthwhile second fixture against Eton.