Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Magdalen College School
On: Saturday, 27 Jan 2024
Venue: at Home

In a match that played out like an intergalactic saga, Colts 1 faced off against MCS, in a outer rim pitch in a galaxy far far away.....

The opening scenes saw Radley College starting well, much like the Rebel Alliance launching a daring assault on the Death Star. The teams seemed well matched, with Radley winning the physical battle with all the force and composure of a Jedi knight. A narrow miss in a 1-on-1 scenario in the opening 10 minutes for Radley's own Hans Solo (Marcos F-W) left the numerous home fans on the edge of their seats,

However, as the game progressed, poor shooting from Radley allowed MCS (the Sith Lords) to creep back into the match. Douglas Du Plessis created the best chance of the half when he struck the bar, narrowly missing a goal that would have sent shockwaves through the solar system. Sholto Hay, channelling the bravery of a Rebel fighter, made a heroic save in a 1-on-1 situation, embodying the spirit of the Resistance against the relentless onslaught.

Unfortunately, against the run of play, MCS, with the precision of a TIE Fighter pilot, scored a well worked goal, crushing the confidence of the Radley resistance. This summarised the large theme of the game - the difference often boiled down to composure in possession and clinical finishing from MCS compared to Radley, reminiscent of how fine the line is between the dark and the light side of the Force.

The first half concluded with MCS holding a 2-0 lead, leaving fans hoping for a Rebel uprising in the second act. However despite some inspiring and unintelligible words from Radley’s own Coach Chewbacca (LMR), MCS were able to stretch out a comfortable lead in the second half, showcasing their mastery of the Force on the football pitch.

Amidst the turmoil, Radley College displayed moments of brilliance. Joe Hathaway, akin to a Jedi mastering the Force, delivered a wonderful freekick goal, sending the ball soaring into the net like a proton torpedo finding its mark. Dougie Du Plessis similarly earned and dispatched a penalty with precision, briefly igniting hope for the Colts 1. His performance all game was of a high standard and he well deservedly won the Man of the Match award. At times the MCS players found it so difficult to deal with him that they had to climb all over him like Ewoks climbing the trees in the forests of Endor.

Special mentions also go out to Tony Lu and Chris Chipondene, the unsung heroes of the Radley squad, worked tirelessly down the left flank, making attacking runs that mirrored the Rebellion's defiance against the Empire.

But in the end, despite pockets of excellent play, MCS proved to be comfortably the better team, much like the Empire's relentless grip on the galaxy. The final scoreline may not fully capture the flashes of brilliance displayed by Colts 1, but in the end, MCS emerged as the victorious Sith Lords. The Force may have been with Radley, but the dark side proved too powerful on this occasion.