Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Marlborough College
On: Saturday, 24 Feb 2024
Venue: at Home

After an excellent result away at Tonbridge, Colts 1 were hoping to ‘Get Back’ to winning ways at home to Marlborough. Instead, it turned out to be ‘A Hard Day’s Fight’.

Despite excellent conditions (with a Little Help From My Ground staff Friends) and the continued support of Sgt Peppers Lonely Fan Club, Radley fell to a 1-3 defeat on their first outing on Bigside. Radley started well and showed some excellent composure on the ball in possession, with Tony Lu terrorizing the right back on a series of excellent runs that had the Marlborough defence shouting ‘Help’. Just when it looked that Radley were going to ‘Come Together’ as a team, Radley failed to properly clear a freekick and Marlborough swept the ball into the net for a surprising lead. Colts 1 had been working on shooting in training for what seemed like ‘Eight Days a Week’ but despite a couple of solid long-range efforts from Joe Hathaway and Toby Balding, they could not find the chance to spark a goal ‘Revolution’. Despite some verbal provocation from the opposition, Radley did well to ‘Let it Be’ but again slightly switched off and failed to clear a corner late in the half. Marlborough were able to punce first and struck a fine goal to make it 0-2 at halftime.

Radley came out with more urgency in the second half and Joe Hathaway created a couple of chances, hitting the post and scoping one just onto the top of the net. Marcos F-W worked tirelessly to get onto some good through balls but some excellent bravery from the Marlborough keeper kept them in the game. A glimmer of hope came when a corner was headed in by Douglas Du Plessis from a Jimmy Butterworth deflected shot to bring Radley back into the game.

But the “Long and Winding Road” comeback to victory was stopped short as a controversial penalty was given to Marlborough and firmly dispatched – finishing the game off for good at 1-3.

Radley bid ‘Hello, (and) Goodbye’ to their first game on Bigside and look onwards to a local derby vs Abingdon next week.