Match Report
Radley College Boys-U14H vs  Marlborough College
On: Saturday, 30 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

Radley's quest to Marlborough's turf did wend,

For Touch Rugby, a noble tournament grand,

Upon a hill, where pitches met the sky's end,

They'd face their rivals with hearts and a plan.

In their first bout 'gainst Magdalen College, alas,

Two tries against them, but they stood tall,

Defying odds, they strove to surpass,

With courage and strength, they gave it their all.

Marlborough College A, their next valiant foe,

A feisty clash in which they'd fight and strive,

One try it took, with Leo Fang's great show,

To claim the victory and keep hope alive.

Marlborough B, their final test in the fray,

Paddy McPherson's score in a team display,

Notable Martin and Felix, they'd say,

Together they shone in the bright light of day.

As one united force, they played with grace,

Two wins and one loss, a proud record's embrace.