Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Eton College
On: Thursday, 08 Feb 2024
Venue: at Home

On a cold and wet February evening the brave warriors of Colts 1 strode out of the darkness onto the flood lit field of battle to fight the elements… ohh and Eton.

The whistle blew and from the off it was clear that both sides were evenly matched. Only a few minutes in Radley won a short however we were unable able to convert it, the common theme to come over the next 6 short corners. Despite solid defensive work by the back four Eton were able to get a goal away relatively early on. We were strong on the ball with Glassey and Lindgren making good runs putting pressure on the Eton defence. However, despite good pressure and even more shorts we were unable to score. Towards the end of the first half Eton were able to slip another goal away making it 2-0 into half time.

After a feast at half time where Haribos were used to lay out tactics and talk through our approach for the second half we retook to the field. Butters having been eaten by Glassey at half time (very tasty Haribos bear apparently) appeared to have been replaced by a clone who could play hockey. Following an impressive save by Barney the ball landed at Butters’ feet who was so surprised that he then somehow ran the length of a pitch and won yet another short corner. Lindgren equally stunned forgot how to flick the ball and decided hitting was better. 2-1! Thus end ending a run of 6 failed short corners and finally scoring. To add historical context there had not been so many misses since Henry VIII. With 10 minutes to go despite the previous lack of finishing ability Renders took it upon himself, to loosen off a vicious shot from the D at the end of his run. It stuck the back board so quickly Eton were stunned.

Despite a final push for victory with counter attack after counter attack Radley were unable to secure the win. Therefore the game ended it a draw leaving Radley unsatisfied and thinking of what could have been. An honourable draw with a rematch to come after half term.