Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Eton College
On: Saturday, 24 Feb 2024
Venue: Away

Upon arrival at the humble Eton College, faces of apprehension as well as excitement filled the car park. After three previous encounters over the past couple of years have ended 1-1, 1-1 and 2-2, the words 'I'm feeling it' echoed the pitch as we prepared for the final battle.

Game on. A somewhat bobble start from push back meant that Eton began with the upper hand but shortly this momentum shifted. Within the first five minutes, we had soon entered the opposition D multiple times which eventually made the score 0-1 with newly developed striker Benedict Wateridge scoring a sublime tomahawk 'top of top bins' from the edge of the D. In quick succession, just 4 minutes after Benny's goal, Jack Renders tidily forced a hit into the bottom left corner extending the lead to 0-2 in just 10 minutes. Everything was looking up until the Eton danger man was spotted in mid field. We now had to focus some more of our attention on our defensive strategies, but our faces were quickly reddening. Although strong defence was seen among the back four of Hugh, George, Freddie, and Archie, a tired midfield meant that the dangerous Eton midfielder was able to make a counter and change the score to 1-2. We were still positive but now increasingly tired since we only had one substitute compared to Eton's three. This left some open holes which in turn gave Eton another (cheap) goal to make the score 2-2 at the end of the second half.

Coach Jolly reminded us at half time that we needed to end our streak of draws by converting another couple of chances. No pressure...

Another strong start to the half from the us Radleians meant that we were constantly pushing up the pitch with some well strung passes by Donnie, Lindgren and Butterworth on the right side. Our front three were dominating in the D with a couple of close chances from the two willies (Brooks and Dunlop that is). This was only until the Eton defence gave in and Benny was able to put us back in the lead (2-3) with his second. Similarly to the first two goals, we were not overconfident when our third was scored which meant that with Eton’s spirits crushed, Benny was able to complete a HAT TRICK with his third in the ninth minute of the second half making the score line 2-4. We now needed to hold out. However, our egos were perhaps a little high as we were rushing into challenges and possessing composure, apart from El Capitan who was thankfully able to divert the stress of opposing attackers. Evidently, our rushed nature caused the vital Butterworth to be sent off for 2 minutes which left Glassey and Wateridge to scramble around in the middle, picking up Butterworth’s attackers. A couple of close calls lead to a Lindgren crowd pleasing aerial which cleared the ball far enough for a rest. Before we knew it, the whistle had blown and we had done it. The full three points at Eton. The spell was broken.