Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Tonbridge School
On: Saturday, 27 Jan 2024
Venue: Away

Saturday, the 27th of January 2024.

Tonbridge v. Radley Colts 1 Hockey.

After a gruelling, 2-and-a-half-hour bus journey down to the murky depths of Kent, a short, but sweet warmup, and some words of encouragement we took to the pitch. It wasn’t going to be easy; a true Tonbridge game never is.

The whistle blew and away we went. Tonbridge came out the gates with speed and aggression, but we stood fast, for now. Then only a few minutes in Tonbridge, won a short corner, with a menacing set up at the top of the D, they pushed out, only to go wide, flick it in and score. 1-0. We played well at times, stringing together quick attacks down the right and left of the pitch, managing to make a few chances that we were unlucky not to capitalise on. But unfortunately, Tonbridge had started well leaving the first half at 3-0.

With some rousing, and energetic words at the half, we came back, determined to make a difference and claw back. We stayed steady for a bit with some strong defensive work from Read, Beard, Hall, Lindgren and Cadbury and some quick runs from Jack and Brooks. But again, all too unfortunately, Tonbridge scored two, one of which, with the same confusing short corner as before. A glamour of hope still remained in George Lindgren with some excellent “crabbing” down the right-hand side, managing to win a short corner, which managed to win us a penalty flick, which as Mr Jolly had wanted, was slotted into the bottom left by George Lindgren.

And all too quickly. The match was over. 5-1 to the bad. And as we took to the bus yet again, the second horror hit, someone had taken the screw. But we were vehemently reassured that the thief would be found with the six cameras and three TVs!