Match Report
Radley College 1st X vs  Downe House Girls-U18A
On: Tuesday, 14 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

This was a see-saw match. With many of our players now having the experience of a match under their belts, the start was more purposeful and direct than in our first game. Morgan scored twice to give a bit of breathing space in the first ten minutes. But Downe House scored next, just quietly keeping in check. Even with Rory A-G and George Reynolds (playing against his sister in the opposition side) taking us to a 4-1 margin, Downe refused to buckle, snagging one more goal to reduce the lead to 4-2 at half time. HC's decision to return to the starting line-up seemed to backfire as Downe scored twice upon the restart, capitalising on some holes in a hitherto fairly solid defensive line from the Radley players. But Morgan got his hat-trick, Cpt. Blacker the next, and Rory A-G his second to again put a buffer between the sides, this time of 7-4. With time still on the clock, though, Downe House exposed our increasingly leaky defence, scoring the next two goals. R.A-G took his hat-trick goal to lead 8-6. Enough? No - Downe House snatched a draw with two unanswered final quarter goals, leaving a bit of soul searching from some of the Radley teams, but ultimately leaving a suitably friendly 8-8 scoreline with plenty to write home about. To celebrate this fine encounter, the teams mixed for a final twenty minute match comprised of all Year 13 Pupils, before an excellent Downe House meal to finish off a fine evening.