Match Report
Radley College Colts 1 vs  Winchester College Boys-U18A
On: Saturday, 13 Jan 2024
Venue: Away

Match report courtesy of Matt Smith

From the moment the boys stepped out the bus they felt welcomed to the Winchester environment surrounded by skate ramps and tech fleeces. Captain, George Beard, led us in a prompt warmup before we faced the mighty Winchester 1st XI. The first half started with a bang literally with two Winchester players smashing into each other very unfortunately. We began strong with an early goal from striker, Jack renders. However, we sadly let in a goal shortly after restarting in the 13th minute. We quickly identified that Winchester was able to successfully use counter attacks to their advantage. We managed to keep the ball in their half for the majority of the time due to our fearless midfield made up of Hugh Downie, George Butterworth, Benedict Wateridge and Ben Glassey. The wingers, in particular Will Brooks, Will Dunlop and George Lindgren have made exceptional runs down the line creating many goal scoring opportunities. Felix cotton played particularly well in defence as he distributed the ball well to midfielders and wingers.

George Lindgren gave the team a banquet at half time, sparing us his scrumptious Haribos. Mr Jolly made a key point that we had not made use of the half court tactic yet which turned out to be pivotal in the second half. Lindgren began the second half very well with a well-timed drag flick off a short corner in the 3rd minute of the half. This put us ahead mentally and gave us the momentum in the game. It was clear that after we began using the half court strategy Winchester was confused and we were able to capitalise off their mistakes. While Benedict Wateridge had an excellent game running the midfield he accidentally sent Will Brooks back to the lobby after lifting a ball into him. Barney Bentley and the defensive four played a large role in keeping us in the lead as we managed to hold them off from scoring. While the score line was relatively tight I feel everyone had a good game and most importantly we understood our new tactics for next week.