Match Report
Radley College Boys-U18D vs  Marlborough College Boys-U18C
On: Saturday, 09 Dec 2023
Venue: Away

Marlborough were only able to field three senior teams. They requested a match against our 4ths and asked for uncontested scrums. Radley started uphill and into the wind so kept the ball in hand, gently finding their way forwards through a keen Marlborough defence. The score-board ticked along slowly not least due to the challenges of converting tries in the strong winds. At half-time the team decided to make the most of the wind and slope in the second half. Marlborough were thereby pinned back in their half and the scoring rate picked up despite an enforced change at fly-half. It made little difference, nor did any other of the substitutions, such is the consistency that these boys have attained over a magical season. With a few minutes left on the clock, the whistle was blown as the points difference slipped past 50. A fitting result to end a terrific season.