Match Report
Radley College 5th XI vs  Wellington College
On: Saturday, 09 Mar 2024
Venue: at Home

My word - this is an unusual report to write. Wellington had but 10 men...we had a squad of 14...but we settled on 10 per side. They are a physical side...they are big and they are strong. Truth be told (as Mr McKegney our superb Ref can attest) they were, well, unconstructively prone to comment...with one sin bin as part of the mix.

But I was proud - our boys showed maturity and decorum: and I was so pleased at our professionalism...But we went one down after five - aarrgh! And then, then, Bentley - 2 in the first half and one in the second....

But there were so many stand-out performances: Ivo Cooper Evans marked a chat who was 6'6" and 15 stone plus, but Ivo was fast and so brave. A great job! Ed Terry was Ed: just so incredibly consistent - a pleasure to watch. Kyle: we could ask for no more...and I miss other great moments - Luca and Johnny at the back - JJ turning "out" so that he could open both wings from the us options....Oliver...pacy...Hugh, strong and tenacious....Sam - strong and quick. Toby, tenacious to a fault and light with his feet. But the whole team were solid, committed and impressive - and we deserved the win. I know Mr Scott's coaching was reflected in our "triangles"...and that made a big and strong side look scattered....