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Radley College Colts 1 vs  Bradfield College
On: Saturday, 16 Mar 2024
Venue: Away

The final match of the season, and the last time that this group of boys will play together as a team, before they move into the Senior end of the club. This also marks George Beard's last match for Radley College Hockey Club, and last match as C1 captain. Can the boys round out the season with a win? It was a 2-0 loss last revenge on the cards?

Match report courtesy of George Beard:

The final game of the season was away against a strong Bradfield side. After watching a masterclass of defensive control from 18As of Bradfield and our standard warm up of weaves, 2-1 and transfers we were ready to go in our final game as a year group.

Keen to end on a high, the intensity was seen from the go. The pushback, which has been an area of development for Renders, was spot on and Radley were off. The first 15 minutes comprised with a lot of end-to-end hockey. Radley survived a couple short corners and squandered a couple chances down the other end. Special mention is deserved to go to centre-halves Glassey, Lindgren, Butterworth (who was playing this time around) and Renders in his first game in the midfield who were all industrious in their efforts and really excelled against 3 very strong opposite numbers from minute one to sixty. The rest of the half was largely the same, despite the back 4 struggling to distribute against a different forward press faced this year. Read, Hall, Downie and G-C all holding their nerve until the half time whistle.

Half time comprised of a few messages from Mr Jolly, none of which were as clear as how winnable the game was. The harribos, supplied by VC Butterworth, destroyed and feeling thoroughly inspired, the second half started similar to the first, both teams looking very dangerous on the counter. Brook’s and Dunlop’s pace, combined with Wateridge’s prowess caused plenty of problems. Bradfield did get a couple chances but our keeper, Bentley, in his first season stayed assured, keeping the game tilted on a knife’s edge. From the JC3s of last year, he has really come on a long way. A short corner acted as a catalyst for a crazy 10 minutes, SS called, and Renders neatly finished, and the deadlock broken. Almost immediately, Bradfield’s direct and quick forwards managed to get one back to equal the score and then a clean drag flick, off a short corner, putting them ahead. Character prevailed however, and a team used to having to come from behind kept pressing. The forwards work rate came to flourish with not long left on the clock Cadbury-Gosling in his first game at striker finished calm and composed to the bottom left. Desperation from both ends, including a dangerous crash ball from Read concluded the game. Despite the best efforts of all involved 2-2 was the final score line.

A truly bittersweet game, with really excellent work-rate and desire, resulting in a performance which did the season proud. Just one more goal would have been a perfect way to round off what has been an exception performance and a really enjoyable three seasons with so many great moments.